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For Employers

ScillTech professional services understands that these days it can be challenging to find a top talents in today’s marketplace, however, we are here to help you achieve the success in your goals. As a leader in top professional recruiting and consulting, we understand what it is like to partner with a company like yours. We will find and use a customized and unique approach to satisfy your needs.

Our recruiting specialists use different pre-screening techniques to ensure that we find the best candidates for our clients, who will not only meet their requirements, but also exceed their expectations.

We conduct an in-person interviews, test and perform background checks on all of the potential candidates to ensure that only the best are selected for our clients.


  • HR Consulting and Management (executive search, headhunting, recruitment and pre-screening)
  • Payroll Services
  • On-going Staffing Support (temporary, on-call or full-time)
  • Safety and Prevention Training


  • You will save your time and money on hiring process, while we will do the job for you
  • You will not have to deal with employee’s termination process, because we will take care of the hustle
  • You will save yourself from employee’s training process, while we will provide you with already highly trained and skilled staff
  • You will not have to spend extra money on job advertising or social media, because these expenses will be included into our services

Request A Quote

Our recruiting specialists will always be glad to provide you with more detailed information whether you are looking to maintain steady personnel or simply hire new talents. To request a quote for our services, please submit the request by filling out an online form briefly describing the position and the job duties. Our representative will contact you shortly. Apply Now →