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At Waste Solutions, one of our core values is Innovation. We believe that investment in waste management technology and innovative solutions are the catalysts to create positive change.

We have curated several tech solutions locally and globally to assist our clients with their efficiency goals and sustainability targets.

smart sensors

As a ‘sensor agnostic’ company we source the best sensors in the world depending on the specific needs of our clients.

Whether you’re company is using dumpsters, roll-off containers, or compactors, we have a sensor solution.

Optimize service levels

Experience next level customer care

Eliminate overflow

Hold vendors accountable for missed service

Get better data

Identify contamination

digital portal

A centralized hub for all waste and recycling metrics. Pulling data from invoices, weight reports, sensors, and other sources we can verify, track, and report on your financial and environmental impact.

Financial metrics

Operational tracking

Environmental metrics

Compliance & risk management

is there an app for that?

seamless integration across all devices

view service schedules

Ensure an efficient schedule for all your waste services

set up notifications

Notifications for truck arrival and material drop-off

request service

Manage requests and payments for waste container services

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